• Virtually unbreakable PCP units
  • Completely transparent
  • 100% protection against UV radiation
  • Ultra lightweight compared to steel shutters
  • Will not shatter, rust or corrode
  • Fire retardant (Class M2)
  • 35 links to cover 1 m2
  • Weight 9,5 kg/m2


TRANSPAFORZA is a new generation of security blinds. They provide a unique solution where vision of products behind it is essential.

Polycarbonate links provide large openings for maximum transparency while maintaining security.

A popular choice for shops, museums and banks. The construction is virtually immune to vandalism, theft and is fireproof.

TRANSPAFORZA security roller shutters are made from transparent polycarbonate elements, linked together by aluminium rods. The shutters’ design gives over 80% visibility through the opening, which is more than any other comparable solution.

Polycarbonate has a material strength greater than that of steel and the shutter is designed to give superior resistance to attack.

Vеry good visibility combined with exceptional strength make the TRANSPAFORZA an ideal roller shutter when both security and visibility are crucial.

TRANSPAFORZA polycarbonate roller shutters offer the best of both worlds: excellent visibility combined with a very high level of security. They are built from patented, high quality composite polycarbonate links reinforced by aluminium tubes. The shutter derives its strength and flexibility from this construction.

With over 80% transparency, the polycarbonate roller shutter curtain gives excellent visibility and the transparent links are UV stabilised, so they do not discolour. The curtain is easy to clean and maintain and is chlorine- and sea salt-resistant

TRANSPAFORZA roller shutters are perfect for retail outlets, commercial offices, schools, banks, jewellers, showrooms, shop fronts, post offices, industrial premises, etc.