Colour: white
Colour: grey


TURBO Fix & Go is a very low-emission, universally usable, elastic MS-Hybrid Polymer sealant for inner and outdoor areas. Adheres excellently on smooth or porous substrates.


Adheres and supports immediately
The bonded elements need no support after applying the adhesive.
The TURBO-FIX & GO is compatible with colours.


Bonding in sectors of construction and industry of steel, metal, aluminium, wood, laminate, cork, plastics, concrete, stone, plaster, ceramics and so on as for example wood panelling, baseboards, decorative panels, insulating and acoustic boards, decorative moulding, wall claddings, panels, doorsteps, insulation materials, polystyrene, tiles, natural stone, window seats and so on.

Also suitable for elastic bonding in sector of metal-, apparatus- and machineengineering, plastics- and electrical technology, ventilation engineering and air-conditioning, car bodywork, automotive, wagon, container and car manufacturing.

Turbo Fix&Go is suitable for any bonding where a high initial tack is required, where a danger of pollution by silicone exists or where painting over something afterwards is required.

In general, bonded elements do not need any support after the application of the adhesive. Adheres and sticks right away. Can be applied on moist surfaces.


Apply only on clean, dry, fat-free surfaces in perfect structural condition. TURBOFIX & GO adheres to various substrates without Primer. For best results, we recommend the use of Primer V2 on non absorbent and V21 on absorbent surfaces. Bonded metals can be spot welded and immediately coated „wet-on-wet“ with most of the usual coatings. TURBOFIX & GO can also be painted with powder coatings and loaded for a short time during the baking process (up to + 200°C). For any applications, we recommend preliminary tests for bonding. TURBOFIX & GO new is paintable. Because of the variety of varnishes and paints existing on the market, we recommend preliminary tests. Drying process may be held up when using alkyd-based paints. The varnish should be applied to the sealant within 4 hours. The best results are obtained with a wet-on-wet application.

After cleaning with acetone, joints can be varnished at any time.
TURBOFIX & GO is compatible with natural stone.

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