Colour: white (750ml)


MS Isolation is a novel, innovative sealant based on SMP-Polymer.

MS Isolation is free of isocyanate, solvents and silicone, is moisture curing and it has neutral polymerization. Odourless MS Isolation is an adhesive and sealant with low density which can be applied at the same time by bonding or adhering a warm or cold isolation, as well as to serve as a reduction of sound and/or vibration.

Due to the extraordinary low density of 0.38 g/cm3 a significant weight saving can be seen. Because of the compression the product is suitable for compression joints.


Filling of local separation at frames for windows and doors
Filling of cracks and holes in walls
Bonding of isolation material
Isolation of connections in bathrooms (e.g. connection bathtub – wall)
Sealing and isolation of local separation in floor underlayment
Easy sealing or bonding inside of car bodies
Steaming of vibrating elements (ventilation area, automobile body)
Weight saving due to the low density
Acoustic baffle of inner area and at the same time isolation of warmth and coldness


Ideal for frames of windows and doors, cracks and holes in walls, bonding of isolation material, isolation of connections in bathrooms (e.g. connection bathtub – wall).


MS Isolation can be applied by hand or with a compressed air pistol, as well as  by spatula.

Surface cleaning

To achieve best results the substrate has to be prepared according to the best available technology. The substrate has to be on hand in defined, stable consistency. All undefined surfaces have to be removed by appropriate treatment; MS ISOLATION has to be applied promptly on the prepared area.

Adhesion promoter

A good adherence is achieved on many clean substrates without adhesion promoter.
If the cured product is exposed to big fluctuations in temperature or has contact with water we recommend the application of Adhesion Promoter. Thermo or powder-coated surfaces should be treated previously with Adhesion Promoter. The adhesion on specific synthetically surfaces can be improved by usage of Adhesion Promoter.

Work and environment safety

Important information on the work and environment security you can find in the safety data sheet.

Chemical resistance

good: to water, aliphatic solvents, oils, greases, diluted inorganic acids and alkalis
moderate: to esters, ketones and aromatics
not resistant: to concentrated acids and chlorinated hydrocarbons

MS Isolation is paintable

Because of the diversity of varnishes and paints on the market, we recommend a preliminary test. When using alkyd based paints based the drying process may be slower

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