“Innovation and art for your safety and security”
– Double metal case made of steel sheet 1,5 mm with reinforced L-section
– Burglar protection function
– Electrostatic painting of the metal frame
– Special triple OMEGA ribbed wing with galvanized steel sheet
– Italian lock with five locks with non-copied key card
– Upon request, an Italian cartridge lock available with solid steel cylindrical tread i.e defender
To protect the cylinder, the lock has a built-in locking system for attempted forced opening
– 14 to 18 lock points with steel pins; 8 – 12 mechanical and 6 passive on the side of the hinges
– Double rubber sealing, frame and door
– Reinforced plate in the lock area
– Block mechanism for partial opening of the door
– Special two double hinges of heavy type-adjustable
– Automatically adjustable rubber and aluminum threshold for sealing from the floor


– A wide-angle panorama Italian peephole
– Outer handle-ball in preferred colours, chrome, gold or bronze
– Inner handle with corresponding accessories to the door lock
– Upon request, mineral wool door filling




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