Interior doors solution with aluminium frames and glass for hotels, villas and luxury apartments. Range of design options available – engraving on glass and various panel construction techniques. The glass panels can be transparent, mirrored, or etched with an architectural design. Panels can be etched and painted in all RAL colours or finished with a veneer.

Technical Details

The frames are made with natural anodized aluminium alloy EN AW 6063. The  panels can be glass, HPL, or aluminium composite panels. Powder coating and various anodized finishes are available upon request.
The internal door system can be delivered and installed by our team.

The handles are a unique design from Hoppe and the hinges are made from extruded aluminumand available in a natural satin or black anodized finish. The doors can have a maximum height of 3 meters, and a maximum width of 1 meter. The maximum weight of the sash can be up to 80 kilograms. Special hardware for electronic cards and room access control is also available for hotel solutions.

Internal doors made from the highest quality materials for durability and functionality. The innovative design of the aluminium frame and sash allow for both single and double glazing as well as panels made from HPL and aluminium composite panels. The infill panels can be designed and etched to your specifications in order to achieve the architectural environment that each client demands. The panels can be painted in all RAL colours, or covered with natural or artificial veneers.


The HOPPE Group develops, manufactures and markets door and window hardware made of aluminium, brass, polyamide and stainless steel with the focus on capturing the ambiance in every detail.

HCS® – HOPPE Compact System

The HOPPE Compact System – HCS® for short – is a compact lock and hardware system for the home and office. Its special feature is that it combines door hardware, lock and various keyed and non-keyed locking functions in a single, unique product. The HCS® range offers a large choice for interior doors. Discover the wide selection of versions, materials, designs and finishes. Give your interior doors a truly special feature with the unique HOPPE Compact System.


is a unique product developed by HOPPE
is ideal for wood, glass and partition doors for the home
can be fitted in less than a minute

is internationally patented – there is nothing else like it!
comprises door hardware, lock and locking function in one

There are four HCS® versions:

  1. Passage: for doors which do not need to be locked
  2. Non-keyed locking (SK/OL-15): for doors which need to be locked such as bathrooms or toilets.
    Clip-in components: emergency release (exterior) and turn (interior)
  3. Keyed/non-keyed locking (15/OL-15): for doors which need to be locked by key from the outside such as bedrooms or studies. Clip-in components: keyed cylinder (exterior) and turn (interior)
  4. Keyed locking (15/15): for doors which need to be locked by key such as offices.

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