Promot Ltd is official representative of the greek brand BEST Design in Touch for Bulgaria.

BEST, 25 years after its founding, continues to a sustainable path of development and progress. The founders, Masvoulas Antonios and Christos, with their modern and fresh ideas, constantly care about the best possible result.
The new, modern building facilities of the com­pany, houses the latest equipment and the best organised and fully stocked warehouses.
Based on this infrastructure, BEST produces and keeps a particularly rich variety of products, which stand out for their excellent construction, paint and flawless aesthetics.
The company’s presence is strong, both in the Greek market and abroad, which shows the magnitude of the company and the products they offer.
Modern ideas and experience, are combined ideally for a single purpose: your satisfaction. Innovative design, top quality materials and per­fect implementation of the company’s products make it the BEST.

BEST Design in Touch offers unique accessories for your doors, giving a 10 year warranty for their brass handles and knobs.



Door handles; External door handles; External door knobs; Furniture handles; Range of accessories