Promot Ltd. offers a vast product range of secure garage doors 

Garage doors nowadays are a beautiful solution, as well as an essential part of every modern home
The doors are manufactured according to the dimensions given by the client.
The colours can be chosen from the RAL colour palette.


Technical specifications

1.The garage door requires minimum space to install, which means that it leaves room available on the sides and the roof for storage.
2. Transparent plexi-glass in a single aluminium profile to allow for natural lighting
3. Airways at the bottom of the garage door to ensure ventilation.
4. Crank mechanism to operate manually in case of a power cut.
5. Safety brake in the event of an abrupt fall.
6. Safety rubber with a sensor which blocks movement in case of an obstacle.
7. Photocells which block movement in case of an obstacle
8. Electronic board that can be connected with up to three safety appliances, automatic peripheral lighting and automatic door closer – a function that guarantees safety as the signal cannot be duplicated.