Promot Ltd is official distributor for Bulgaria of Industrial sectional doors MCA.

Industrial sectional doors are ideal solutions for closing industrial areas in specific construction situations.Custom sizing and use of special components allow various technical applications under load.

MCA Industrial Sectional Garage Doors are characterized by:
  • Modern manufacturing technology for seamless integration of the door in the building
    • Standard sliding systems
    • LHF sliding systems (Low Headroom Front) Torsion springs mounted on the beam
    • LHR sliding systems (Low Headroom Rear) for mounting springs behind tracks
    • FTR sliding systems (Follow The Roof) where it wants the sliding track to follow the roof
    • HL Sliding systems (High Lift) where the sliding track wants to be lifted from the door gap.
    • HL-FTR sliding systems (High Lift and Follow The Roof) where you want slide track to go vertical , then be tilted by the roof form.
    • FVL sliding systems (Full Vertical) track rises vertically, tangentially to the wall
  • Optimum thermal insulation achieved by
    • sandwich panels with a thickness of 40 mm
    • side seals
    • double seal at the bottom of the door
  • Comfort, safety and security
    • Electric drive from a distance through a remote whose code can not be cloned
    • Spring break safety system
    • Safety system against trapping fingers between the panels
    • Security system against attempted break-ins
    • Safety system of “safety edge”
    • Photoelectric cells safety system
    • Possibility of opening an emergency in case of power failure
    • Guarantee operation to 15 000 / 25 000 cycles
  • Colors and accessory diversity
    • There are available over 40 types of panels with different standard colors and drawing
    • The possibility of garage door glazing
    • Possible integration of pass doors with thin threshold


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Sealing sleeves

In event of improper handling by the vehicle, this type of seal absorbs the impact and then returns to its former state. Seals the space between the truck and the warehouse door through its three curtains made of PVC resistant to tensile, temperature amplitudes and ultraviolet rays. The sealing sleeve is suitable for all types of warehouses and production premises, protecting them from external weather, wind, rain, dust, insects, etc. Reduces heat loss up to 80%.

Dock levellers 

Facilitate the loading and unloading process, eliminating the need to lower the vehicle before docking. By equalizing the level between the platforms, the process is carried out directly, even with a forklift. The standard electrohydraulic equalizer ramps have a lifting capacity of up to 6 tons. For larger loads, special models are designed and manufactured. The ramps are designed and built in full compliance with European standards for safe operation, including special protection systems. The drive is powered by a hydraulic panel.



ACH (Auto Clean Hinge). Construction system with self-cleaning hinges.

EPCR (Easy Replacement Power Control). Electronic components used are standard and can be changed quickly.

CSV (Cylinder Pressure Valve). Safety valve is inside the hydraulic cylinder.

SBS (Self Bleed System). Preventing the appearance of air in the hydraulic system.

PPS (Paint per Piece System) & RAL paint.

2RP (Round Two Paint). All components are painted with a primer and then a high-quality paint, providing 200% protection.

NRA (Non Rust and Corrosion Axes). All axes of rotation are designed and constructed to prevent rust and corrosion.