Folding security shutters

Single, Double, 180° Openable

Folding gates can be installed on doors and windows and can be constructed in any requested dimensions.

Fully assembled with rivets and screws (without welding), for a higher resistance to corrosion.

Galvanized or Powder Coated in 27 standard RAL tints.

All the components are made of hot-dip galvanized steel.

The nylon coating of the bearing and the nylon distance rings provide silent operation of the folding gate.

The frame is constructed in such a way that makes it impossible to pick the lock from the external side (mortice lock providing higher security)


• 3 mm thick hot-dip galvanized steel “x” blades
• 1,5mm or 1,25mm thick vertical bars
• Silent operation with intermediate teflon
• Clear opening (opening mechanism 180o degrees)
• High Security with a Mortice lock
• Removable bottom rail (floor free of obstacle)